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The Dorg Feature Photo of the Month

I also have a never-ending need for new images to freshen up my home page. Plus I love photography and seeing what people who view this site have to offer. The second way to earn a Dorg.ca T-shirt is to submit a photograph to me.

Each month I choose a photo to feature on the home page of my website. I am looking for something funny, irreverent, kooky or clever that incorporates the four letters “D” “O” “R” and “G”. Simply email a jpeg photo to doroghy@hotmail.com, and if I post it on the Feature Photo section of my homepage your upper torso will be soon be covered in luxurious Dorgwear. That’s right I’ll mail you a Dorg.ca T-shirt as my way of saying thanks. Have fun!

  page updated: 2007.07.04




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