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Rick Hansen

Rick is Canada’s greatest living hero.  What else can I say?  One of the coolest parts of this site is under the media link.  Click it on the left hand side of the home page and then go to videos.  Both videos on the site are well worth watching and will bring back a flood of great and inspirational memories.

Salvation Army Harbour Light Mission

If you have read the Sing-A-Long story (found under the Stories link on this site) you will know that for the past few decades my friends and I have been raising money every Christmas for the Salvation Army Harbour Light Mission.  They serve a very important role in the downtown eastside community.  Some wonderful people work there and they make sure that every dollar donated goes to a great great cause. 


If you are interested in taking the Sports Marketing 1119 course (found under the BCIT link on this site) you can register for it here. The site also offers lots of other great information on full time and part time courses offered at BCIT.

Its Your Turn

This is a great site if you have an interest in chess and want to play someone over the net.  I have been on it twice a day for the last 7 years playing Peter Lemare in Edmonton.

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

This is one of my favorite entertainment sites.  It’s so irreverent and stupid - you just gotta love it.   My brother-in-law Len has white hair and a beard and so I submitted his photo as a Canadian Kenny Candidate.  They have yet to post it. 


Ian Craib

My personal web guy. Where would I be without him? Works for a pair of shoes and the odd dinner out.

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