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Next to Vancouver, Vienna is surely the most beautiful city in the world.  Interestingly enough it is consistently ranked with Zurich and Vancouver as one of the three “most livable” cities in the world.  Once the capital of the Austro Hungarian Empire, Vienna is rich in the arts, music and culture. 

One of the most fascinating areas of Vienna is the Second District.  The area, also known as Leopoldstadt is a fifteen minute stroll to Stephansplatz which is the center of the tourist area.  Historically the Second District has always been and still is a Jewish working class neighborhood.  It has retained its grit, charm and character and is full of one hundred year old four story apartment buildings, restaurants frequented only by the locals, and services for people who live in the area.  It is real everyday normal Vienna neighborhood, not a tourist destination.

I have been to Vienna a dozen times and I still discover something new and interesting with each trip.  With over 90 museums, scores of concert halls and countless sidewalk cafes a week in this charming city is a rewarding and refreshing experience.  Go to Vienna.

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Bill Bryson Article on Vienna

#32 Novaragasse (23 pages)
"Mystery, intrigue and real estate improprieties originating from Vienna"

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